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Driving and Cannabis

Driving & Cannabis The Facts The Report In October 2020, Seed our Future released their first report, Cannabis and the Law – No Evidence, No

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Counter Evidence Report

It was the British Government, who instigated one of the most detailed reports into the safety of cannabis via a Royal Commission 128 years ago. A succession of governmental reports, scientific papers since, which have confirmed the results of the above-mentioned commission have been ignored and the war on cannabis users in the UK has continued for 93 years.

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Silver sign of home office

Meeting the Home Office

Seed our Future Meet with the Home Office to Discuss the UK CBD Industry Guy Coxall March 2021On January 11th, 2021 Kit Malthouse, Minister of

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Seed Our Future Meet With The Home Office To Discuss The UK CBD Industry

The Seed Our Future Campaign (UK) … Working Towards Fairer Cannabis Regulation For All

Seed Our Future Campaign MUST READ

Seed Our Future: Cannabis and the Law – No Evidence, No Crime?

Proposed changed to hemp legislation condemned by campaign group

The groups aiming to legalise cannabis in the UK

The Seed Our Future Campaign (UK) … Working Towards Fairer Cannabis Regulation For All

Seed Our Future (UK) – Taking On The UK Government Via The Courts

A closer look at Seed Our Future

UK CBD Sector calls for reduced dependency on imports.

July Protest: UK Hemp Activists Big Plant Out

Seed our Future challenges the foundations of cannabis laws

Article: (UK) Cannabis and the Law – No Evidence, No Crime? A ‘Seed our Future Campaign’ Report Oct 2020

UN reclassification of cannabis achieves little for patients’ rights

Harsher regulation of whole-plant CBD products a “public health issue”

Cannabis films & Pod Casts

Cannabis News and updates from here and around the Globe.

The Simpa Life

Simpa Life Cannabis podcasts

This video outlines the real reason cannabis was prohibited. It’s sad to see how much our world has been destroyed over the past 80 years as well as the health & lives of so many humans & animals and all in the name of politics. This is a must see!

A fantastic documentary investigating the journey of Dr Raphael Mechoulam and his team, the first scientists to isolate cannabinoids from cannabis which led to the amazing discovery of the Endo-cannabinoid System.

Carl Martel, Industrial Cannabis Scientist from Advanced Hemp Technologies discusses a range of innovative applications of hemp including hemp bioplastics, bio-composites, paints, insulative carbon foam, an oil absorbant and hemp batteries.

Hemp seed is the most sustainable, whole plant protein which can easily be grown in the UK. Watch this short, informative video to understand the health and nutritional benefits of this seed.

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