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A Call to CBD Companies

This is a call to all budding and thriving CBD businesses.

As a collective - Together, we are Stronger.

We can help each other fight against the Novel Food Application Licence requirements.

Do you fancy some Advertising & be part of a Collective to stand up against this absurd Act against this developing industry?

CBD Novel Food Act comes into force from 31st March 2021.

What does this mean?

You or your supplier must have made an Application for a Novel Food Licence.  


CBD extract has recently been categorised as a ‘Novel Food’, meaning it was not a substance that historically had been widely consumed since May 1997. 

*Cannabis in its raw form is not a Novel food, as it has a long, long history of use.

What do you need to do to be compliant?

You must provide a report; this includes Seed to Sale data and a formalised QMA (quality management system) in order to sell your CBD products in the UK and EU.

The report can cost up to £250,000; The Application must be made using the Government regulated products application service.

Or hope your supplier has made the Application.

Row of peoples backs, arm in arm looking at orange sky

Many of us will have stock on our shelves we can no longer sell. 

With the ever-moving goalposts of the CBD industry in the last two years, it has already been a logistical and financial nightmare. This needs to end, and logic must prevail.

Ouch, we realise that it is an Act that hurts, but hang in there!

It makes no sense, and we cannot sit by and allow this injustice to continue.  

The time for action is now.

Guy Coxall has created Seed Our Future; an action group determined to correct the injustice of the current and future Cannabis Laws. ‘Truth is our Sword, Unity our Shield’

Guy the founder of Hemp Tank, an industry Think Tank and was the Director of Compliance for the Cannabis Trades Association.

The team has created an Affiliate page for all CBD companies and invites you to come together and fight this absurdity as one.

What is in it for you?

We come together as one collective voice and you get a chance of some Advertising to a relevant audience of Cannabis fans.

We are asking all CBD brands/shop owners, whether an affiliate or not, to donate a product for us to Giveaway in Social Media Competitions.  Your products will receive their own spotlight, on all our social media platforms.

The goal is to encourage more followers and support for our campaign & the CBD/cannabis industry as a whole.

hemp plant on wooden table

We have a ready and prepared a letter to our Government to challenge the Novel Food Act.  We now need to engage with our collective audiences and make this challenge a reality.

*At present, there are no authorised CBD extracts or isolates on the UK market.

It will be tough when April Fools Day arrives; the joke is on us; the humble CBD companies.

We hope your business will join us in our campaign and encourage the estimated 6 million UK citizens who currently enjoy your health and wellbeing products, to assist us all to bring back Full Spectrum CBD and stop over complicating a very Simple, Perfect Plant.

Please join our affiliate page, and we will keep you updated on the latest Novel Food News.

We are planning a campaign to involve everyone, with minimal effort to you.

We will do most of the leg work; we need you all to follow


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