Your 'Chance' card

A Cultivation, Possession Defence Statement

Suppose you are unlucky enough to experience the knock on the door and confronted by our boys or girls in blue.

Police arresting a man for growing his own medical cannabis

The ladies and gentlemen of the UK Police Force take an oath daily to serve and protect you.

Using the laws of the land; they require entry to your home and are perhaps looking to confiscate your Cannabis and or wreck your life-giving Growing Equipment.

It’s scary, and we believe it is not in the public interest. 

So we have been looking at the laws and concluded they are unfounded and the enforcement of them illegal. As our paper demonstrates; Seed Our Future no Evidence no Crime.

We present to you our 'Get out of Jail Chance Card'.

It’s not a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card because there are no guarantees.
Instead, it’s a ‘Giving you a Chance’ card.

Spread the Word..

Share this with all your fellow Cannabis friends. Print it off and keep it by your front door or keep it handy on your phone.

So far, a few judges have viewed our paper positively and are asking for the CPS to answer our questions before they proceed with cases.
We are getting closer – Right is might!

Pinocchio in a wooden prison
"It's a bit like Cannabis, helps you to sleep a little easier at night."
Green leave cupped by hands black surround circle logo with words Truth is our Sword Unity is our Shield
Guy Coxall

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Truth is our Sword, Unity our Shield

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