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Activist definition - 'a person who campaigns to bring about political or social change.'

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Truth is our Sword – Over the past few years we have gathered a wealth of evidence to prove that UK cannabis laws are based on political motivations opposed to science and that these laws breach our human rights.

We have also identified and responded to the legal and discriminatory issues faced by prescribed patients.

Unity our Shield – If you want to see the end of draconian cannabis laws, the stigma and discrimination (whether prescribed or not) this is your opportunity to get involved in the campaign directly.

Together we can end the stigma, discrimination and end the war on us!

Campaign #1 Contact your MP

Step 1: Find your MP by clicking here

Step 2: Open this MP Template Letter and add your details (name and address inc postcode)

Step 3: Copy and paste the template letter into an email addressed to your MP (please copy into the email)

Step 4: Attach this Evidence Report to your email and send

Step 5: Email the response from your MP to:


Campaign #2 Contact your PCC, Local Police and Courts

Step 1: Find emails for your local PCC, police force, local Magistrates and Crown courts

Step 2: Open this Template Letter #2 and add your details (name and address inc postcode)

Step 3: Copy and paste the template letter into an email addressed to your PCC, police and courts (please copy in

Step 4: Attach this document CIC23_04.1 Prescribed Cannabis Medicines and Driving Guidance for Patients to your email and send

Step 5: Email any response to:

(NB: If you struggle to find emails, you may wish to visit your local police station/courts and provide a paper-based version of the patient leaflet and template letter. If you consider this option, please take someone with you and please don’t take your medication with you.)

Share the Truth, End the Stigma Campaign

Although SoF have been doing a grand job of supporting cannabis users with their court trials and discrimination cases WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to educate, inform and place pressure on MP’s, authorities and institutions across the UK.

The legalisation of ‘medical’ cannabis in 2018 has unveiled the true scale of stigma and discrimination in all areas of society. From housing associations to education establishments to ill informed police and in the case of driving legislation, even the judiciary are blinded by stigma and ideology.

We now have several Human Rights challenges against the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001and the Road Traffic Act 1988, all having the potential to decriminalise cannabis possession, cultivation, non commercial sharing and driving with any level of THC in blood.

We simply don’t have the hours in the day to do everything that needs doing which is why we are asking the canna community to get involved.

On Friday 18th August 2023, SoF launched ‘Campaign #1 – Contact your MP‘ at Product Earth festival (see above).

The intention of Campaign #1 is to email your MP evidence that confirms that the Class B classification (MDA 1971) and the Schedule 1 status (MDR 2001) of cannabis breaches several of our convention rights. Your MP can request that the ACMD re-evaluates these based on science, not politics.

In 2016, the ACMD published a ACMD possession mda psa 2016 report recommending cannabis be decriminalised but this has been buried since.

In June 2023, the UN and the Scottish Government called for the decriminalisation of the possession and cultivation of all drugs.

Please help us to get over the line and end the war on us!

Contact your MP today and share this page on your social media platforms.


On Wednesday 1st November 2023, we launched ‘Campaign #2 – Contact your PCC, local police and courts‘ in London to mark the 5 year anniversary of the legislative change for prescribed cannabis medicines and the beginning of Medical Cannabis Awareness Week in which we outlined the legal and discrimination issues still faced by patients during a webinar.

The intention of Campaign #2 is to raise awareness and education to those in roles of power and responsibility (the police and judicial system) whom after 5 years remain ignorant of the laws regarding prescribed medical cannabis.

It is hoped that by providing education and evidence to these sectors that the current harms faced by patients (unlawful arrests, wrongful prosecutions) are mitigated for future patients as the industry grows.

One Love x

Coming soon...

More campaigns to get involved in are coming soon including:

#3 Contact your local Councillor and request a motion to update the council and local service providers/businesses of the legalities and responsibilities surrounding MC patients.



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