What we do and believe!

Seed our Future was established in 2020 as a campaign organisation to protect those who use cannabis responsibly, whether that be for medical, nutritional, spiritual or environmental purposes.
We believe that every adult has the right to utilise cannabis without fear of interference from the state, to have autonomy of health in choosing a non-toxic medicinal herb for health and happiness and have the right to self sufficiency by cultivating cannabis in private.

Alcohol vs Cannabis

We have the right to use, possess and even brew alcoholic beverages at home without any issue, even though alcohol is arguably the most dangerous drug which kills approx. 6 million people globally every year and causes violence in our streets, domestic violence in our homes not to mention the societal costs via emergency services and the NHS. These harms to people’s physical and mental health and harms to society are socially and politically accepted.

Questioning Cannabis Harm

The Government consistently claim that cannabis is harmful to physical and mental health and harmful to society but where is the evidence? The evidence shows that cannabis is in fact essential to maintaining health via our endo-cannabinoid system by preventing and treating a myriad of medical conditions and diseases without the awful side effects of conventional pharmaceutical medications. The harms to society are not from the use of cannabis but the prohibition itself as this created and has supported the black illicit market.

Sugar vs Cannabis Harm

Of course, no substance is completely harmless, cannabis can cause complications to a very small minority but we would argue that sugar is far more harmful to health, society and is highly addictive and we happily supply this to our children in huge amounts. We are experiencing epidemics of diseases such as diabetes and cancers and sugar is scientifically known to feed both.


Seed our Future advocates for fair and just drug legislation which affords us our human rights and freedoms as with democratic countries around the world that have adapted their legislation on these concepts. Drug policy must be based on science, not political will.