Seed our Future have developed reports outlining the human rights violations via criminalisation of people cultivating, possessing and using an essential non-toxic medicinal herb for health and wellbeing via supporting their endo-cannabinoid system. In order for legislation to be viable in regards to human rights, it must correspond with the legitimate aims of the legislation, be proportionate, necessary in a democratic country and not violate human rights. In regards to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, this is clearly not the case. The science has been pushed to one side in favour of political and financial goals and we find the legislation, particularly the Class B and Schedule 1 status of cannabis to be unlawful.

We have used the same methodology for driving legislation where we have proved that global scientific consensus shows that blood tests of THC have no correlation to impairment or recent use and in most cases, shows the inactive residue of THC days or even weeks after consumption. If there is no evidence of impairment or an active psychoactive drug in the drivers’ body, how can they be criminally prosecuted for ‘drug driving’?

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